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Google Ads Strategies for Small Business Owners

Digital Therapist The Top Google Ads Strategies for Small Business Owners The Top Google Ads Strategies for Small Business Owners If you’re a small business owner, you’re likely always on the lookout for ways to reach more customers and grow your business. Google Ads can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, but it […]

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UCCLA influenzscoop NEW STARTUP Year Apr – 2023 Client UCCLA Services SEO / SEM/ SOCIAL MEDIA / CONTENT WRITING Project INFLUENZSCOOP INFLUENZSCOOP I am proud to be a part of Influenz Scoop, a startup project where I contribute my expertise in SEO, SEM, social media, and content writing. Although I can’t reveal much about the […]


Sumit Rana MY CAREER ROADMAP Career RoadMap My Digital Marketing Journey: 2022-2023 Joined a comprehensive program: In November 2022, I took the leap into the world of digital marketing by enrolling in a comprehensive program. Determined to learn, I completed the program within six months, showcasing my dedication and commitment. Multiple assignments and skill development: […]


SUMIT RANA SEO STRATEGIES I successfully implemented content creation and blogging strategies for the checkforplags website. I focused on the topic of plagiarism detection and prevention, offering valuable information and resources to users. This included informative articles on topics such as the benefits of using plagiarism checkers, effective plagiarism prevention methods, and comparisons of different […]


SUMIT RANA PPC/SEM/Facebook ads Google Ads Website Traffic Search Ad Campaign Ran a search ad campaign for my own personal freelancingwebsite and generated 10x ROI.  Made a list of keywords to be targeted with proper analysis onKeyword Planner. Used Relevant headlines and descriptions and set a budget of750Rs and generated 5 leads. CLICK HERE Facebook […]

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SUMIT RANA Social media I have successfully created a social media content posting table for vooki, a cleaning products supplier. The table includes date of posts, engaging social media content with relevant emojis, popular hashtags, and descriptions of ideal images. The posts were designed to be useful, relatable, motivational, and a pleasure to read, attracting […]