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Digital marketing

Sumit Rana



I am a passionate digital marketer based in Delhi with a focus on utilizing powerful tools and techniques such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and automation strategies to deliver exceptional results for businesses. With a deep understanding of the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing, I aim to drive targeted traffic, generate valuable leads, and maximize ROI for my clients or employers

My goal is to create impactful campaigns that effectively reach and engage the target audience. Through dedication and enthusiasm, I contribute to the growth and success of businesses by leveraging the immense potential of online advertising and automation strategies. write an about me based on this in more informative and creative way


April - 2023

Digital Marketing Executive


As a digital marketing executive at a UCLA startup, focus on optimizing the Influenzscoop website through SEO, creating engaging content, leveraging social media platforms, and building partnerships to ensure a successful launch by August.

2022 -

Digital Marketing



  1. Facebook Ads Campaign for Digital Scholar:
  • Successfully achieved remarkable ROI and generated high-quality leads through a well-optimized Facebook Ads campaign.


  1. Landing Page Creation using Swipe Pages:
  • Utilized Swipe Pages to create an engaging landing page as a lead magnet for Digital Scholar’s free ebook.


  1. Automation System Implementation using Pabbly:
  • Created and implemented an automated system using Pabbly Connect, transferring data from the opt-in page to Excel, sending personalized emails via Gmail with a 24-hour delay, and using Nexweave for personalized email content.


  1. Landing Page Creation and Automation Sequences:
  • Developed effective landing pages and automation sequences to enhance lead generation and conversion for various campaigns.


  1. Google Ads Campaign:
  • Ran a successful search ad campaign for a personal freelancing website, achieving a 10x ROI by targeting relevant keywords after thorough analysis with Keyword Planner. Set a budget of 750Rs and generated 5 leads.


  1. Google Ads – Website Traffic Search Ad Campaign:
  • Executed a Website Traffic Search Ad Campaign with Google Ads, resulting in a 10x ROI and increased website traffic.


  1. Comprehensive Social Media Strategies for Vooki Cleaning Products:
  • Successfully executed comprehensive social media strategies for Vooki cleaning products, including managing content buckets, curating engaging story calendars, and creating compelling long-haul post ideas to drive impactful results for the business.




Digital Marketing

Digital Scholar, Chennai

I have successfully completed a comprehensive four-month digital marketing program with Digital Scholar, where I gained a deep understanding of the fundamental and advanced aspects of digital marketing. From learning the basics to mastering the nuances of the field, this program has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in digital marketing.

2015 - 2016

Graphic Designing

MAAC, Delhi

I have completed a 6-month graphic designing program from MAAC, Delhi, where I acquired comprehensive knowledge and skills in graphic design, mastering the fundamental concepts and advancing to the professional nuances of the field.



Semrush / Google Keyword Planner / HubSpot

FB Ads

Facebook Ads Manger / Facebook Ads Library / AdEspresso

Social Media Marketing

Hootsuite / Publer

Funnel Building

NIche based


Pabbly Connect / ActiveCampaign / Mailchimp

Content Writing

Chat-GPT, Grammarly, Google Trends, Google Analytics, Smallseotools

What I Bring to the campaign

🚀 Stellar campaigns, real results

I ignite digital marketing campaigns that skyrocket businesses to success! From Google Ads and Facebook Ads mastery to targeted traffic and impressive ROI, I deliver exceptional outcomes that make jaws drop.

✒️ Words that mesmerize

My words are like magic spells, captivating hearts and minds. Whether it's engaging copy, mesmerizing social media posts, or enchanting blog articles, I weave a storytelling web that entices and connects with the audience.

📊 Data whispers, optimization roars

I have a secret weapon – data analysis! It's my compass for optimization. By skillfully dissecting numbers, running A/B tests, and optimizing strategies, I unlock the hidden potential and ensure roaring success for your campaigns.

💰 Budget-oriented brilliance

I possess a knack for creating impactful digital marketing strategies while keeping a close eye on the budget. With my cost-effective approach, I maximize the value of every penny, ensuring that your investment delivers substantial returns. From optimizing ad spend to leveraging affordable yet powerful tools, I make your budget work wonders.