Digital Marketing

Sumit Rana


Digital Marketing

Career RoadMap

My Digital Marketing Journey: 2022-2023

  1. Joined a comprehensive program: In November 2022, I took the leap into the world of digital marketing by enrolling in a comprehensive program. Determined to learn, I completed the program within six months, showcasing my dedication and commitment.

  2. Multiple assignments and skill development: Throughout the program, I tackled numerous assignments, gradually progressing from basic to advanced digital marketing concepts. This hands-on experience solidified my understanding and expertise in the field.

  3. Scored my first client: March 2023 marked a significant milestone as I secured my first client for website building and brand imaging. It’s an exciting opportunity to apply my newly acquired skills to real-world projects and deliver tangible results.

  4. Joining UCCLA startup: As of April 2023, I am proud to be a part of UCCLA, a startup where I contribute to various digital marketing areas. From content writing to social media management and SEM activities, this role allows me to expand my skill set and gain practical experience.

Goals Achieved: 2022-2023

  • Completed the digital marketing program, showcasing dedication and personal growth.
  • Acquired my first client for website building and brand imaging, demonstrating professional application of skills.

Next Steps on the Roadmap: 2023

  • Enhance content writing skills to create captivating and engaging copy.
  • Master social media management techniques to optimize brand presence and engagement.
  • Deepen knowledge of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies for effective online advertising.